Ever wish Flappy Bird was more glidey, and with a cat? Wish it had super helpful tutorials, power ups, and boss levels? No? Well, most people didn't either. But that's how great game clones are made! Everything is better with more features, right?

Introducing: Glidey Cat! A totally original (or satirical) game. Featuring innovative power ups, currency systems, boss levels, and voice overs, this amazing clone will be sure to make you wish it were on an app store, so you could get pop ups that send you to the app store if you want to give it 5 stars, or give feedback and not go to the store if you think it's only worth 1-4 stars!


  • Zach Bruggeman - Programming
  • Trenton Metlewsky - Sound Design
  • Steven Chew - Voiceovers
  • Jacob Bond - Ideas
  • Georgia Townsend - Ideas
  • Nikolas Mori - Ideas
  • Many others - playtesting
  • Art from Tiny Speck's Glitch

Source code: https://github.com/remixz/glidey-cat